Copper Cable Recycling


E-Safe recycling solution for the collection, retrieval, recycling and processing of a multitude of redundant cables, wires, switchgear, electric motors and transformers. We will pay you, offering a true and fair price for all cables.

FREE collection on Bulk disposal load to our recycling centre.

Excellent Rates – Based on the price of copper, updated daily

The Cable Recycling Process

computer cablesWhen cable arrives at E-Safe Recycling Centre facility for processing, we use the latest technology and specialist machines to strip and separate all materials. All plastics and scrap ferrous and non-ferrous metal materials from the cable are recycled. The maximum re-use, meaning you can be confident that you are compliant with environment legislation.

  1. First the cable are sorted into individual grades.
  2. Each grade is then weighed, and this material is sampled to determine the precise copper content.
  3. The plastic and copper are separated and prepared for shredding.

Cables We BUY

  • Household Cable
  • Bright Cable
  • PVC Bright Cable
  • High Grade Cable
  • Lead & Copper Cable
  • PVC Singles * Bus Looms
  • SWA Bright Cable
  • SWA Tinned Cable
  • CNE Cable (Copper & Aluminium)
  • Tinned Cable
  • Low Grade Cable
  • Switch Bell Cable
  • Greasy Cable
  • Greasy SWA Cable
  • Dry Poly Cable
  • Greasy Poly Cable
  • Lead & Aluminium Cable
  • ACSR Aluminium Cable
  • Lead Cable
  • Greasy Self Support Cable
  • Cotton Braided Cable

‘Our recycling process maximises reclamation – and revenue return – with minimal environmental impact’.

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