Decommissioning Services

Decommissioning Services

We offer decommission and removal services of all electrical equipment. We will help you through the complicated process of the WEEE Directive and divert all unwanted equipment away from landfills. We will ensure you are compliant and provide all of the paperwork trail to prove your duty of care.

FREE collection on Bulk disposal load to our recycling centre.

Excellent Rates – Based on the price of copper, updated daily

decommissioninge-Safe’s decommissioning solutions include:


  • Full risk assessment
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Remove and transportation of equipment from live sites
  • Break down for recovery of materials
  • Full recycling and diversion from landfills

Your Legal Responsibility

The WEEE is complicated and constantly evolving. We at e-Safe Recycling will put it simple for you. It’s aim is to reduce the amount of e-Waste / WEEE that goes into landfill. It is your responsibility to comply with the WEEE Directive and have all the paper trail to prove your duty of care.

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