Reuse to ISO14001 Standard

E-Safe Recycling is committed to reusing WEEE in conduction with customer’s wishes and in line with EU Waste Framework Directive 2008 (WFD) which introduced a five point “Waste Hierarchy” that businesses must take into account when disposing of waste. Reuse being at the Top of the Waste Hierarchy. We work to WEEE Waste Management ISO 14001 Stranded. This sets out the requirements to successfully manage the process of preparing used and waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE / EEE) for reuse. Parts and products are tested to the highest quality and safety standard. iso140001They must pass our initial conformance process. If they pass they move onto the next stage of the process.

  • Visual inspection when they are unloaded
  • PAT & Leakage Testing
  • Functionality Testing, Data Destruction & Repairing
  • Second & Final PAT Test

Passing all above testes before being moved into our re-sale area.

What are the Benefits of ISO14001?

  1. It sets out a robust framework for the testing, treatment and provision of reuse electrical and electronic equipment in the UK
  2. It provides reassurance that used equipment is safe to use and fit for purpose
  3. It gives the original producers of the equipment reassurance that their reputation is protected by reuse organisations using documented processes for safety tests, removal of confidential data and record keeping.
  4. It will help differentiate legitimate exports from illegal exports of WEEE. The International Correspondence Guidelines call for a “test” to differentiate between reuse and illegal exports of waste but they fail to specify what “test” is required. ISO14001 sets out the tests to fill this gap and is used by the UK Environment Agencies to focus efforts on stopping illegal exports.

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