At E-Safe Recycling we take data destruction and the protection of your data very seriously and therefore offer a range of service levels. This means we offer an effective data destruction solution for all clients including Government Certified UK HMG InfoSec No 5 (Higher) data wiping, degaussing using a NATO and CESG approved machine and physical destruction on or offsite as required.

clients-ensured-of-highestClients can be assured of the highest levels of confidentiality with only CRB checked staff handling their equipment. Our secure transport between premises and in-house cage security area with CCTV Grade 4 security monitored 24/7 in place. Our Data destruction area has restricted access into reprocessing area for your peace of mind.

As part of the new WEEE directive reuse is the most environmentally sound solution, physical destruction is only carried out upon request, or on faulty drives which cannot be accessed in conjunction with degaussing to ensure complete destruction.

We also include full certification as part of the data destruction process free of charge.

At E-Safe Recycling, we take your data very seriously and can recommend the best solution for your business. All hard drives are either:

Standard Data Destruction

Our standard level of data destruction is offered free of charge to all customers and is suitable in the majority of situations.

The data on the computer hard drive is overwritten with layers of random binary data, which provides a strong level of destruction to US DoD 5220.22-M standards.

A certificate of data destruction is provided with this service level.

Higher Level Data Destruction

bannerWe use license Blanncco certified 100% data destruction that is approved to UK HMG InfoSec No 5 Higher level standard. Blanncco Data Erasure guarantees absolute data sanitisation of all IT assets, including servers, desktop computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets and SSD’s.

This level of data destruction is a chargeable service, but may be offered free of charge to customers depending on the quantity and quality of equipment to be disposed of.

A certificate of data destruction report is provided via a PDF file for each Hard Drive erased.


degausserE-Safe Recycling uses CESG standard approved Degausser for security erase of highly sensitive data on broad range of magnetic media, including high density metal tapes and PC hard disk drives. This service is available free of charge when combined with disposal of IT equipment.

Please note: when using degausses the Hard Drive is non useable. This can be followed up by the physical destruction of the hard disk drive as described further below.

Hard Drive Physical Destruction

three-quarterPhysical Hard Drive Destruction is offer onsite or offsite. The hard disk drives are removed from the PC and destroyed in our hydraulic drive crusher in front of your eyes for your peace of mind. hard-drive-destroyer

Physical drive destruction is carried out using a specialist hydraulic hard disk drive crusher. This can be combined with degaussing in order to achieve NATO / UK CESG standards.

This can be carried out ‘on site’ at your premises and can include the destruction of CD / DVD disks, floppy disks and media tapes; also to UK CESG standards.

This level of data destruction is also available free of charge to all customers upon special request.

A full data destruction certificate including all serial numbers will be issued with this service for your peace of mind.

Free National Consultation

consultationIf you are looking for a bespoke WEEE Waste Management solution, then look no further as our consultants are commitment to helping companies reduce their WEEE waste in a way that is ethical, reliable and environmentally friendly.

E-Safe Recycling is offering tailored WEEE and EEE waste management programs to each client’s individual needs. We work very closely with company’s staff to help change existing behaviour towards the correct segregation of WEEE waste. By doing this over time, this has the benefit of increasing recycling of hazardous and non-hazardous waste and keeping it out of landfills.

Our consultants are a great option for those looking to review their waste policies with weekly and monthly updates provided. We work with your-self’s to help and guide you to adhere to the ‘duty of care’ that the government expect from businesses is the UK when dealing with WEEE and EEE waste management and removal.

Why not contact us today to see how we could help you cut your waste costs.

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