Health and NHS

Health and NHS Sector

If you are in Health and NHS Sector, you will be looking for a particular partner who understands what Industrial manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, require to handle you’re used electronic and computer waste, eSafe can handle all your computer recycling needs. eSafe offer and provide full UK coverage, offering WEEE recycling coupled with secure data and equipment destruction services for corporate clients businesses. eSafe was created to help the environment and to help large companies to adhere to new environmental legislation and rules.

eSafe can help your business with your WEEE. eSafe will…

•    Recycle ‘end of life’ ICT equipment and computers.
•    Implement a compliant and robust process that meets and exceeds WEEE regulations.
•    Offers savings on incumbent processes.
•    Allow your staff to remain data secure.
•    Contribute to your businesses green agenda and reduce your carbon foot print.
•    Deal successfully with the implications of the WEEE Directive 2013.
•    Achieve compliant treatment of your hazardous electronic waste.
•    Deal with data securely and verifiably.
•    Demonstrate compliance by reporting securely online, with our online Client Portal.

eSafe offer a range of services to meet your requirements.

•    Collection & Disposal (with minimal disruption to staff)
•    Asset Tagging
•    Asset Recovery
•    Asset Registers

Our WEEE and recycling team has a wealth of experience in the Health and NHS sector with ISO 14001 waste management.

“Our cost effective solution will fulfill your needs, keep your business secure and ensure you are legally compliant.”

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